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Nexelt Digital started its journey a decade back with a sincere desire to attain a strong foothold in the digital space and offer best services to its clients. In the process, with continual learning and by staying abreast with technological advancements, it has carved its niche with best utilization of resources, knowledge and skills to enhance and grow its clients’ businesses forward.
Digital world and our clientele; at Nexelt Digital, we have tried to bridge the gap between the two by offering holistic solutions in user-friendly ways! The ‘ifs and buts’, ‘apprehensions and fears’ of the unknown or rather complicated digital world exist no more and our clients are more than willing to explore the modern day maxim of the digitized platforms with a keen sense of expanding their business and attaining remarkable results likewise! Our experience and their trust in us have laid stupendous paths for both; creating win-win situations at both ends
With 650+ clients, 11+ years in business, 950+ projects completed so far, the company holds a meritorious legacy, creating optimum situations for its clients in its incredible journey so far!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Workspace user can be defined as a customized email address (yourname@company.com). Besides, your group email aliases such as sales@company.com or support@company.com are included in Google Workspace pricing and don’t count as additional users.
Goole Workspace is an excellent platform to create all kinds of files, text documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease and efficiency. It provides an additional benefit of working in real time and sharing your work with others. You can store your work on cloud with Google Drive. These apps adapt to different device applications. You don’t need any software installation. It is compatible with files that you make on Microsoft Office as well. There is no clash of platforms whatsoever. With more ease and convenience, your productivity also increases abound.
Yes, it is absolutely possible with Google Workspace. All your existing contacts, old mail and calendar data on Microsoft Outlook can be easily transferred to Google Workspace without the fear of slightest loss of data. Depending on the size of data of your organisation, there are various options available for migrating data to Google Workspace.
Yes, Google Workspace offers a free trial up to 14 days for its new customers. During this span, you can try at least 3 things primarily which include checking Gmail from your mobile, arranging a video meeting in Meet and collaborating on doc files. You are entitled to cancel it anytime as per your choice and convenience. Sign up for the free trial immediately and figure out the ease to work with efficiency by yourself! Create accounts for up to 10 people on your team. Once your free trial is over, you will be charged only post that.
There are a lot of added advantages withPaid Google Workspace. Itprovides you with several interesting features and integrations which are not usually available in the free consumer version of the apps. It includes custom business email @yourcompany, unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, twice the storage of free Gmail, customized logo branding for your company, zero ads, 24/7 support, Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more.